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High Life Window Chime

Basic wind chime made from a single miller high life bottle top with a bicycle cassette lock ring for a hat, and a spent cog for flair; connected with used bicycle chain and split steel key rings.




DIY Glass Projects

Several cut glass bottle tops can be assembled along with used bicycle chain,  chainrings, cassette cogs and split rings to form a sort of wind chime monstrosity.

Sam Smith Windchimes

First attempt

My first such creation used samuel smith beer bottle tops.



Second attempt

IMG_20130929_134124 IMG_20130929_134202








Ruffino Chianti Windchime

My subsequent attempt leveraged a number of ruffino chianti bottles and a matching set of spent RPM chain rings.  I added additional cogs at the top of uppermost chain section which help guide the vertical chain lengths in place.  They also obscure the lighting chain being used to bind the chains together.



Miller High Life Votives

12oz Miller High Life bottles can be cut, etched and used as wine glasses or votive candles.  A stacked length of chain running around the inside bottom of the candle holder provides weight and a snug area for the tea lights.






Scotch Bottle Tumbler

A scotch bottle cut, sanded and etched with a year.








Cholula Hot Sauce Bottle Votives

Cut four cholula bottles for use as votives.   Etched with a few random characters 🙂